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About Us

Twongerekawa Coko is the cooperative that was born from an initiative by coffee experts and large-scale farmers producing outstanding-quality coffee at farms located on Rwanda’s hillsides.

Washing Station of Speciality coffee Produced by women and Youth and Processed by Women and Youth


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Our Products

Arabica bourbon coffee

The coffee plantation is on hill side(1800-2200m), this make our coffee being harvested in long time

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Why Choose Us

The climate of our location is a great opportunity for the coffee plantation. Altitude :1800 – 2200 masl
Glowers:Cooperative members mainly Women and Young People
Variety :Arabic Bourbon
Practices:Organic Farming

Processing :Organic Processing
Certification :Fairtrade & Organic (NOP & USDA )


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Coffee Farming

Our coffee pictures

Cooperative’s Head office

Unripen Coffee cherries ready to ripen

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